Professor Maurice Biriotti, UCL & SHM-Productions

Re-imagining Market Research  (2013) 


Professor Maurice Biriotti is currently Professor of Medical Humanities and Enterprise in the University College London (UCL) and CEO of SHM Productions. Until 1996, Professor Biriotti was a full-time academic, holding posts at the Universities of Cambridge, Birmingham and Zurich. His company SHM is a specialist provider of business services, using deep insights into human motivation to help organisations solve complex human-centred problems.


Professor Biriotti and his SHM team were fascinated by the Re-imagining Ladies Tights project commissioned by London Borough of Lewisham during the summer 2013 and conducted the following case study.  Read more by clicking here 


John McKiernan and PhD candidate Candela Delgado
Considering the Camden Tights Wash  (2014) 


John McKiernan from Platform-7 considers the broader thinking behind the tights project, collecting of stories and how the project can help form the discussion on the politics of ladies tights and stockings.  Read the article here


McKiernan's article draws from work by PhD candidate Candela Delgado, who discusses American artist Tamara Stone and her work Rewriting the Female Body.  Read the full article on Transatlantica American Studies Journal here

Professor Andy Pratt, City University London

The Enigma that is Platform-7  (2014)


Professor Pratt is an internationally acclaimed expert on the topic of the cultural industries. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, and an Academician of the Academy of Social Sciences. He has held academic appointments at University College London (Bartlett School of Planning) and LSE (Geography, and Urban Research Centre), King’s College, London (Culture, Media and Creative Industries). He joined City University as Professor of Cultural Economy in 2013.


The focus of this project was to seek to discover the ways of working of Platform-7. We want to understand process and outcomes in a broader context and look at the process and the impact on the artists and artistic practice. The 2013 tights project became a key element in this assessment. Read more by clicking here

Academic Studies and Essays

The Re-imagining Ladies Tights project and The Tights Ball have attracted a number of academics to discuss the project and the wider consequences of consumption and waste.  As the project progress there will be further research published with a symposium being considered for 2015 on the subject on the politics of women's tights.