15th July 2015: London's Metropolitan Police Service to begin collection tights

15th June 2015: Liberty in Regents Street become first major retailer to join tights project

20th May 2015: Reimagining Tights website updated with new posts here

19th May 2015: Love Your Clothes, publishes Anna's tip on jazzing up broken tights, click here in association with WRAP

16th May 2015: Liberty Regent Street becomes the first major retailer to have a tights bin

28th March 2015: New blog post on conditions for pickers working in the UK textile recycling sector

27th March 2015: WRAP invite The Tights Ball to become guest blogger on national website

WRAP works with UK Governments, the EU and other funders to help deliver their policies on waste prevention and resource efficiency. We take action in those areas where we can have the greatest impact on reducing waste, protecting our natural resources and providing economic and environmental benefits.

3rd March 2015: Attended Resource at Excel discussing Circular Economy with Tights Ball project & Waste.Agency

3rd March 2015: Resource: Tights Ball project is on many companies radar

3rd March 2015: RMS – Risk Management Strategies has half box of tights to collect

27th February 2015: Tights Balls Family increases as more tights added from across London

26th February 2015: Large box of tights arrive from Derby, England, creating first non-London Tights Ball

20th February 2015: and website both update and new Tights Ball and Bin gallery

19th February 2015: Tights Ball Family about to expand as hundreds of tights from Waste.Agency project are added, see before and after images.

4th November 2014 - 5.00pm-6.30pm London Cannon Street Station Performance [images]

Anna Kompaniets, wearing a dress made from tights will be performatively winding the tights Motherball at Cannon Street station.

The recent collections of tights from Catford will be added to the original ball.

Pop in to find out more about tights - effect on environment, ethics and the broader Tights Ball project. for info and for your nearest recycling point.

8th September 2014: 8th September 2014: London Fire Brigade HQ becomes home to the Camden Tights Ball with plinth kindly provided by LBF neighbour the Jerwood Space [click to view image]

2nd September 2014: "The ball is certainly effective at grabbing people’s attention", Karen Marks, Clean City Awards and Recycling Manager, City of London Corporation - CoL request moving The Tights Ball to the to the prestigious Guildhall.

27th August 2014: London borough of Lewisham request return of tights bins in libraries across the borough from September 2014

19th August 2014: London Fire Brigade HQ becomes latest location for 2 Tights Bins for their 600 staff only

15th August 2014: Platform-7’s John McKiernan is this week's Londonist Out Loud Podcast guest discussing tights and other abstract performance art interventions with N Quentin Woolf on London Bridge train station's platform seven [click]

15th August 2014: Mother Ball goes on display at City of London Corporation's Lower Thames Street reception with a tights bin collection point. [click to view image]

14th August 2014: British Land now have a Tights Bin and are collecting tights at their London HQ

13th August 2014: Positive meeting with North London Waste Authority (NLWA) regarding potential involvement in The Tights Ball project next year. [view image of NLWA Tights Bin]

12th August 2014: A fun and amusing Tights Not Stockings poem from Glastonbury 2013, performed by The Antipoet [watch here]

11th August 2014: Given tour of the Selchp waste incinerator facility in Deptford, south east London 8th August 2014: The project is now in recess until late autumn 2014 - if you would like to know more please email us here

6th August 2014: Bins collected from donation points and Camden Ball almost the size of Lewisham Ball

14th July 2014: The Tights Ball fully updated

11th July 2014: Videos of Royal Central School performances in Swiss Cottage and Somers Town HERE

11th July 2014: The Tights Ball presentation was well received by around 25 waste officers from various councils and other bodies at the monthly ALCO - Association of London Cleansing Officers meeting with shared enthusiasm for the ambition of placing the ball on the Fourth Plinth.

10th July 2014: Preparations for presentation of Tights Ball to all 32 London borough councils at Association of London Cleansing Officers on Friday

9th July 2014: Royal Central School provides a 3.6kg ball of tights and half a bin of more tights. Ball and Plinth returned to Platform-7 HQ [click to view images]

8th July 2014: Visits to Camden tights bins to find many jam packed full. Kilos of tights collected to add to a Camden Tights Ball.

8th June 2014: Rcsssd Somers Town films of performance tights final cut almost ready

June 2014: The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama create front page press release regarding The Tights Ball [click to read]

27th June 2014: Website updated in advance of next exciting stage of the Re-imagining Ladies TIghts project

26th June 2014: Fantastic review in the respected Camden New Journal [click]

24th June 2014: North London Waste Authority would like to discuss the Tights Project

24th June 2014: Platform-7 invited to be interviewed for London Out Loud podcast to discuss tights and other projects and the city

20th June 2014: Live Performances: The Royal Central School of Speech & Drama , MA Music Theatre presents "Veolia Songs" Fri 12noon / Sat 11.30 & 12.30 click for details

19th June 2014: The Tights Ball on Camden council website here

19th June 2014: Tights Ball moved from Kentish Town library back to Central School ready for performances

19th June 2014: Tights Ball moves from Swiss Cottage library to Royal Central school in advance of performances beginning tomorrow

in Swiss Cottage

18th June 2014: Word from Somers Town in Euston that local people are very enthusiastic about upcoming tights performances by MA Music Theatre students of

17th June 2014: Camden council and Royal Central school pool media resources to push upcoming tights performances, tights dress and new bin delivered to Camden Town Hall and major international law firm interested in ball being displayed in reception of global HQ in advance of their new environmental push.

16th June 2014: Liz Cooke, purchaser of the Tight Dress very kindly loans garment for upcoming Camden Recycle week events

16th June 2014: National Recycle Week begins

16th June 2014: Introduced the project to Tate and Goldsmiths

16th June 2014: Measured up the Tate Turbine Hall for Ball - just in case - see images here

14th June 2014: website and mobile site now complete – comments welcome

13th June 2014: Camden council issuing press release and will be tweeting tights performances for next week’s event, all risk assessments approved

13th June 2014: Akleriah create a series of new tights videos – much fun and an interesting project developing

12th June 2014: Invited to discuss The Tights Ball project with ALCO - Association of London Cleansing Officers

12th June 2014: Lewisham council requests tights bins for 4 libraries in borough to restart tights project

12th June 2014: Camden Council ask to extend tights project and possibly expand across borough throughout summer 2014

11th June 2014: Website almost complete with new galleries added

10th June 2014: Site visit to Somers Town, Euston by Central School MA Music Theatre, crew, team, Akleriah and Platform-7, great acoustics and warm reception from local people

9th June 2014: All risk assessments for Central School performances submitted to LB Camden

5th June 2014: Tights Intervention: MA Music Theatre students from The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and Akleriah have a wonderful warm day chatting to people about tights and stockings while crocheting in Queen's Crescent market, Gospel Oak

1st June 2014: Work begins on creating this specific website for The Tights Ball

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